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Why to Use Barcode label ?

The use of barcode label technology can be traced back as far as the 1960s, with some early implementations to identify railroad cars. Common barcodes label began appearing on grocery store shelves in the early 1970s as the UPC code to automate the process of identifying grocery items. Today, barcodes are just about everywhere and are used for identification in almost all areas of business. When barcodes are implemented in business processes, procedures can be automated to reduce human error and increase productivity. Barcoding should be considered whenever there is a need to accurately identify or tracking anything.

What is the best barcode to use ?

The type of barcode to use for a particular situation depends upon: (1) the implementation; (2) the data-to-encode in the barcode and (3) how the barcode will be printed. There are several different types of barcode standards for different purposes - these are called symbologies. Each type of symbology (or barcode type) is a standard that defines the printed symbol and how a device such as a barcode scanner reads and decodes the printed symbol.

What data is encoded in various barcodes ?

Some barcode types, or symbologies, encode only numbers while others encode letters and numbers. Other barcode types can actually encode files, pictures and other binary data. Here is a basic breakdown of a few barcode types and what they encode:
Types of data encoded
Code 39 - Numbers and upper case letters with a few symbols
Code 128 - All numbers, letters and punctuation plus ASCII 0 to 127
Interleaved - 2 of 5 Numbers only
MSI Code - Numbers only
Postnet - Numbers only

How does a Barcode Image Generator Software works ?

When you go to sell your product at a retailer, that retailer will have you fill out a product information form. On that form is where you will put your company and product details as well as your 12-digit UPC bar code number. The retailer then manually enters that information into their inventory management computer. This way, when they scan your bar code at the register, it calls up that form in their system and gives you credit for the sale. In other words, bar code is simply a link between your product and the product information form you fill out for each store that sells your product. This way the barcode work and our software Barcode Image Generator help you to overcome from situation.

General Question related to Barcode Image Generator

Ques. Waht is cost of Barcode Image Generator. Is there any other hidden cost on software ?
Ans. Cost for single computer license is 39.99 USD dollar. There is no any hidden cost for Barcode Image Generator.

Ques. Are there discount avaliable for multiple license ?
Ans. Yes, there is dicount for multiple license, For further information please contact on

Ques. Can I print multiple barcodes on single page using Barcode Image Generator ?
Ans. Multiple barcodes can be printed on the same page using barcode Image Generator.

Ques. On what type of printers can I print barcodes ?
Ans. You can use barcode printer or ordinary printer like inkjet, laser, and thermal printer for printing barcodes.

Ques. Which barcode scanners are used to scan barcodes generated through Barcode Image Generator ?
Ans. Barcode Image Generator generates barcodes to be scanned by all types of barcode scanners including symbol, metrologic, datalogic, handheld or other scanners.

Ques. Will my barcode expire after few years or time?
Ans. No, your bar code will never expire. Once the bar code is issue to you, it will never be issued to anyone else again and it is yours for lifetime.

Ques. Do I ever have to pay any Renewal Fees?
Ans. No, all of our fees are one-time only and you never have to pay any renewal fees or future fees of any kind.

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